Green tea is very popular theses days. You can find it in extract form, as tea bags, in a powder, and even as latte concentrates. The extract is most often found as an ingredient in diet pills and supplements. It is used to boost your metabolism and burn fat in order to enhance your healthy eating habits and exercise routines. The tea bags are also used as a way to help people with weight management. The tea bags work well because they have less caffeine than coffee, and a smooth flavor that requires no added calories from milk, sugar, or cream.

Latte concentrates are combined with other flavors, such as melon, honey, and tropical fruit. They can be added to milk and enjoyed as a latte, or thickened and enjoyed as a smoothie. The best way to use green tea in your diet is in powder form. Products, such as tazo matcha green tea powder, allow you to add a little powder or a lot of powder to drinks, cooking, and baking. The powder also has more antioxidants in it because it is made from the whole tea leaf.

Vitamins, such as A and C, and other nutrients, such as potassium, calcium, iron and protein are at full strength in powder form. They are present in other forms, but diminished due to processing. Matcha tea reduces stress, enhances your mood, and helps you concentrate better because of an increase in chlorophyll. That increase is due to the fact that the tea is shaded during the final stages of growth. It can also help you keep your cholesterol levels stable and detoxify your body of chemical toxins and heavy metals.

Traditional matcha green tea making requires bamboo accessories. There is a bowl used in which the powder is mixed. A bamboo spoon is used to measure the powder, depending on whether you are making the thin or the thick version. A bamboos whisk rounds out the necessities. It must have fine bristles so that it can whip the thin version into a foam, and properly dissolve the powder for the thicker version of the drink.