Do you choose to don high heel shoes and achieve this as frequently as possible? If you do, you might be setting yourself up for foot along with ankle agony now and also in the future. Researchers within the Institute for Aging Research of Hebrew Senior Life discovered that women who don high heels, pumps and also sandals on a regular basis are more prone to heel and also ankle pain as time passes. In fact, 64% of ladies who complain of this kind of pain put on shoes of these sorts routinely at some time period in their life. These shoes tend to lack the structure and support needed by the foot for optimal health and wellness. Men appear to be less vulnerable regardless of what type of shoes or boots they put on, however females regularly visit a doctor for foot pain the older they get, particularly those between the ages of 65 and 74. They cannot declare totally it’s related to the woman’s selection of shoes or boots, a larger rate of deformities in the foot in females or any other choices they make in their everyday life. No matter the reason why the pain is happening, physio north sydney centers can be of help. Don’t live with pain within the feet and / or ankles, as this can affect every part of your daily life, when the north sydney physio center can help. Contact a center today to see how they’re able to help you with this problem.