Ways to Help You Stop Drinking

There are many different reasons for people to wish to end alcohol consumption. Here are some ways to stop drinking.

Asking yourself questions like why do you want to quit drinking and then motivating yourself that this is the best thing to do will be one of the most helpful ways to stop drinking.

Follow this 7 simple steps in your journey to avoid alcohol

Having many alcoholic beverages at home is a bad idea, making it easy for you to just grab a bottle and start drinking again. If you really want to avoid drinking then make sure you don’t keep alcoholic beverages at home or only a little.

If you do drink, make sure it is only in sips rather than gulps and that you place some time in between drinks. Substituting alcoholic beverages with water, juices, or even soda can help you out a lot.

You can make a schedule for yourself on what days you can drink and what days you can’t drink. Slowly put more days in which you can not drink into your schedule.

It can be hard if you hang out with people who are drinking, but you must resist the urge to join them and learn to say NO.

Get yourself interested in other hobbies, like maybe learning something new or strengthening your relationship with friends and loved ones so that you won’t keep thinking about how depressed you are because you can’t drink anymore.

Talking it out with family members or friends will be a big help in keeping you on track, especially for the days you feel like you can’t do it.

Finally, you should always be on the lookout for the temptation to drink. If you are usually tempted to drink at a certain time of the day, then look for something else to do on that time to help distract you.

If you never stop trying then you will probably be able to stop drinking. If you feel like you’re not improving, just remember that it will take time and you definitely won’t improve if you don’t even try. Another way to help you is to write down your progress and how you’re feeling emotionally and physically after a few days of not drinking. Read these writings regularly and be encouraged with your improvements and try to do better with the times you struggle with mostly.

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