What to do with my sea glass? That’s a question I recently saw on a sea glass blog. I thought it was an interesting question and one I wish I had to ask! It appears that this person has quite a bit of sea glass and doesn’t know what to do with it. Seems there are only a few answers to me.  Sell it or create with it.  The sea glass was very nice, as sea glass goes, but not spectacular. The sea glass was found on the east coast, and while good for sea glass found on the east coast not quite up to par with that found in other parts of the world such as England and Hawaii. Would there be a market to sell this sea glass? Probably. As a matter of fact, there definitely would be. I purchase sea glass on ebay. I purchase sea glass from England and Hawaii. I have two sellers that I purchase the English glass from. They have great reputations and sell quality glass. They are also making a fortune. Again, this is particularly spectacular glass, so the price can get quite high, but they are selling something that they have incurred no cost obtaining. It would be like walking out on your local beach and picking up dollar bills, for free.  Could this woman create with her sea glass? Of course she can, but then she incurs costs. She has to buy wire and jewelry findings and embellishments. Then she has to spend the time and the money to develop a business model of some kind and find places where she can sell the jewelry. My advice to this woman would be to sell sea glass.