Particular parts of your body have a tendency to show normal signs of aging before other parts. For many people, one of the initial telltale signs of aging is going to be baggy skin on the neck. Luckily, you have alternatives to address this problem and many opt to undergo fat removal surgery to revive tone of your skin in this area. Excess fat will probably be stripped away from your neck and throat and then transferred to some other area, and this amazing procedure might be completed in conjunction to additional treatments, like a throat lift. The throat lift is commonly used to raise, firm up and also enhance the neck’s physical appearance as well as helps the jaw, as a result of getting rid of excess skin and also removing or possibly modifying muscle tissues in the throat. In addition, the physician might use Botox to treat any bands or fullness on the neck and throat. Dr. David Halpern Tampa Surgeon frequently uses one or both of these operations to help remedy surplus fat or skin or possibly a turkey wattle, dependent upon what you are trying to obtain using the surgical procedure. Due to advancements in technology, this surgical treatment often can be done creating just a few tiny incisions and recovery often takes around a week. Dr. Halpern of Tampa Bay Plastic Surgery Inc. can provide additional information, taking your state of health along with your personal situation into account. You will probably find liposuction and/or a neck lift is what you will need to look your best once more.