I am at an age where, if I wasn’t such a coward, I would be seriously considering cosmetic surgical procedure – perhaps a thread lift or mini-facelift. However as a result of I’m a worry-wort about the risks, I’ve been trying to find a safer, non surgical option to look youthful.

I have stage 1 breast most cancers on my right breast. the lump was completelely remove from my breast because it was very small. I pray and i take advantage of the soursop leaf and i’ve change my food regimen. I take advantage of no sugar, salt,soy merchandise and no soy merchandise. I’ve turn into a vegetarian. Do you assume it will help me? Thanks for the information shared.

The product is intended just for exterior use (applying on affected skin). Preserve the cream away from youngsters and avoid contact with eyes, lips, mucous tunics. When utilizing first, take a look at the cream on a small pores and skin space to exclude allergic reactions. When such reactions occur, cease utilizing the cream. It is suggested to use the cream twice a day, applying small amount of it on pores and skin.

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