Introduction to VATS Lobectomy Lung Surgery

There are over 200,000 diagnosed cases of lung cancer (LC) each year in the United States. While the incidence rate has declined since 1991, the disease remains the leading cause of cancer-related death. When the condition is detected in stage 1 (i.e. localized within the lung), it can be treated successfully. By the time cancerous cells have metastasized and spread to distant lymph nodes, it becomes more difficult to contain.

In the past, the disease was treated through thoracotomy (also known as open chest surgery). The patient’s thoracic cavity was accessed by the surgeon after a long incision was made into the chest. The breastbone was cut and the ribs were spread to provide working space. Because the ribs have limited flexibility, the procedure occasionally resulted in fractures. To resolve this issue, thoracic surgeons began to remove portions of the patient’s ribcage.

Today, minimally invasive techniques are often used to …

Bath Lift Demonstration

We understand how very important the bath lift is to the elderly and disabled in that it can:

  • Help you to gain your independence back
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  • Provide incomparable comfort while in the bathtub

We also know that a bath lift demonstration will make it easier for you to trust that bath lift and also understand how it works perfectly. We know that real-life demonstration of the bath lift can make its control easier for you and you will rarely need any professional to guide you on how to use it ever again.

Things even get better if the demonstration can take place right in the comfort of your home. And this is exactly where our company …

Healthy HouseThe Healthful Houses group supply free help and advice to local men and women who are struggling to pay their energy bills and heat their houses. And though he provides a long list of technical and scientific references in assistance of his arguments, at other points the author undermines his credibility, tossing ecological brickbats at several of today’s building items, not often with the accuracy anticipated of a creating expert.

Your Healthy House applies constructing science expertise and education to all sorts of buildings and filters the evaluation by means of an environmental well being and indoor air excellent perspective to guarantee the creating is as healthier as achievable for the occupants and the planet.

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Healthy HouseWholesome Residences is a house-going to program that serves pregnant mothers and households with youngsters up to age 5 who have been impacted by domestic violence. If you have issues about your existing building, please go to the Air Quality Testing page to understand how Your Healthy House can support. If you are attempting to make a new style, building or renovation as healthy and green as possible, please go to the Constructing Consulting web page to discover how Your Healthy House can enable.

Your Healthy House applies creating science knowledge and education to all sorts of buildings and filters the analysis by means of an environmental well being and indoor air good quality viewpoint to ensure the constructing is as wholesome as feasible for the occupants and the planet.

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