If You’re Careful You’ve Got Nothing to Worry About

If You’re Careful You’ve Got Nothing to Worry About
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I did a search for Forskolin reviews side effects after my daughter bought a couple of bottles of this herbal supplement in order to lose weight. I had never heard about this stuff, but she swore up and down that she had friends who lost a ton of weight taking these herbal supplements. I worry about her so I decided to do my own research online. Looking for health related information online is an exercise in patience because there are so many sites that misrepresent information. You’ve heard the jokes where any given health search for a cough online is either cancer or a cold.

I wasn’t worried she would get cancer from taking this stuff, but herbals can be funny things. I’ve taken more than a few of them in my life and a couple of them caused some issues. I got a nasty rash and a cough from a few of them so I stopped taking them. Doing research on this substance turned up mostly positive information. Forskolin is a herbal supplement that promotes a higher metabolism and helps burn fat at the cellular level. I found a site that did talk about the side effects, and I paid attention.

People taking certain blockers need to avoid this stuff. The same goes for people on blood thinners. Side effects can include headaches, an increased heart rate, stinging eyes, and a cough. That’s not too bad, so I kept an eye on my daughter as she took the supplement and she had no problems. She’s also not on blood thinners or blockers so that wasn’t a problem. She had zero problems and I have to say I was impressed that the supplement seemed to work for her. She did lose weight from it. My advice is go ahead and take it.