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Do You Want to Become a Psychologist?

Do You Want to Become a Psychologist?
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There are many misconceptions surrounding a psychology degree. One of the biggest misconceptions is that a psychology degree will most likely lead to a career working in mental health. There are plenty of careers in the mental health space. But there are nonclinical careers psychology majors can go into.

Some people are becoming a psychologist to work in other areas of psychology. You may decide to work at Peaceful Mind Psychology or become a researcher at a university or research institute or work with people dealing with other types of issues. There are many types of fields of psychology. You could choose to either work with adults or children. You could work in the field or from behind the computer. Some psychologist work with businesses, families, marriages or organizations. The career possibilities with going into psychology are endless.

Typically, to become a psychologist requires getting a graduate degree in psychology. Getting a degree in psychology especially a graduate degree will require several years in college. Getting a college education does not come cheap. If you decide to take this route in earning a graduate degree in psychology, you may be able to afford your tuition or have scholarships or have grants or have financial help from others or have loans to support your college costs. If you must get loans, you may want to look at the college loan and college debt statistics, as you would be going into a serious amount of debt to fund tuition to get a graduate degree in psychology.

In 2018, Americans have more student loan debt than at any other time before. The average person who graduated college in 2017 with debut graduated with just short of forty thousand dollars owed to a bank. This figure is up by six percent. These figures tend to increase by the year. Currently Americans owe over one trillion dollars in student loan debt. This debt is owned by about forty-four million people. This trillion-dollar figure is trailing the U.S. credit card debt by six-hundred and twenty-billion dollars.

Seventy-five thousand dollars and ninety-seven thousand dollars a year is typically the salary for psychologists. These workers have great potential of earning even more. Furthering their education, getting promoted and opening their own facility are all ways psychologists can continue to increase their income. The outlook for those going into this field seems to be good compared to other jobs. From 2016 to 2026, this job sector is expected to grow by fourteen percent. Those with graduate degrees can expect to even have more of a chance of growing in this field.

Do you want to become a psychologist? There are many factors that need to be decided before going into this field. Plenty of time and ample amounts of money have to be invested to succeed in this field. If you are ready to take on this journey of working in psychology, then be prepared to live a great life helping many people with their psychological needs.