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Good Reasons To Choose Roadside Assistance

Good Reasons To Choose Roadside Assistance
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It is a dark night, the kind where the moon and the stars go missing. A young couple is driving along an unlit highway with nothing between them and total darkness but the stretch of light beaming from the headlights. There is a clash of thunder, a flash of lighting, and rain falls in sheets, streaming so fast down the windshield that the view before the man whose driving becomes a collage of wavy distortions. He leans forward, squinting, as his new wife beside him starts begging him to pull over. He ignores her, focusing all of his concentration on the road. Suddenly, a figure appears in the lights. He slams on the brakes. He swerves. The car spins out of control. His body braces for impact, but they are lucky. The car slides into a ditch. As they emerge from the vehicle, they spot a deer gazing at them from the opposite side of the road. Twenty miles have passed since they last saw any sign of life. The next town is fifteen miles ahead on the map. Thankfully, he gets a signal on his cell phone and is able to call roadside assistance.

Accidents like this happen every day. No one knows exactly when they are going to need help. Where psychic ability falls short, it helps to be prepared. Roadside plans can deliver a number of useful services. Most insurance companies offer this beneficial option. It is also available through credit card companies, or can be purchased in most service repair shops. It is a worthwhile investment, because it helps in so many ways. Consider five of the most common problems that motorists face.

The most common complication motorists endure is a flat tire. Place one phone call to service and a contractor drives out to the disabled vehicle and changes the flat. If the driver does not have a spare tire, the contractor provides a ride to the nearest service station to get the tire fixed.

Sometimes motorists lock their keys in the car. Service professionals are trained to retrieve the keys with approved tools and methods that will not damage the vehicle. If keys have been lost, the contractor will call a locksmith and have a new key made.

Mechanical failure is another common hindrance. Once a call is placed, the operator will dispatch a tow truck. Both vehicle and driver will be safely transported to a repair facility. Repairs are not covered, but the tow is free.

Sometimes motorists run out of gas. The service contractor will deliver a small amount of it, enough to drive the car to the next station. Then, the motorist can fill up.

A dead battery is also a common dilemma. In this case, a service contractor will jump start the vehicle. The contractor brings his or her own cables and will also clean the battery terminals.

It is impossible to know precisely what will go wrong and when. Vacation plans can be ruined by unexpected costs. Motorists with roadside assistance can rest assured that they will have the help they need when they need it.