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Highly Technological Approach To Your Beauty

Highly Technological Approach To Your Beauty
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For every person, facial beauty and care is an aspect of high importance. Few simple steps will make you shine and happy forever – choose the special offers from ADONIS Beauty and Facial plastic surgery and improve the quality of your life without any problems. 

ADONIS always cares about the well-being of every patient, that’s why the total comfort and pleasant surroundings are waiting for you during the whole process of your beautiful changes.

  • The best specialists with world-class experience will provide the full preoperative consultation to ensure your best results. Thorough preparation stage is well-structured and includes anesthesiologist conducting and other medical staff surrounding care
  • High class medical examination of your health state – ADONIS’ own laboratory with world-proven medical equipment provides a wide range of medical examinations before every treatment. We should be totally sure that your health state is in perfect condition and you are ready for beauty and facial plastic surgery (some procedures have contraindications, for more information, please, visit our website and sign up for personal consultation) 
  • Rehabilitation stage with quality medical opinion – we in ADONIS totally understand the most difficult patients’ problems and inconveniences during the rehabilitation stage, that’s why the quality medical opinion after the discharge is provided for everyone to facilitate your possible effects and allow you to enjoy your new life. 
  • Cost-effective investment in your beauty – with ADONIS affordable prices and high level of technological process, you will receive the best enjoyment from the results. Because the best investment in the future is the investment in yourself and your own appearance. 

ADONIS facial plastic surgery center is the place of the latest technologies that we use for your beauty and perfect appearance. With the best experienced medical staff, we provide the quality medical treatment, including such not often found, but most demanded as:

  • Bisha lumps removal
  • Jawline endoprosthesis 
  • Middle part of the face lifting 

And much more for your great satisfaction. 

ADONIS is a company which is known and loved. For our clients from the whole world we provide the service they mark, thousands of satisfied people, that enjoyed our beauty and facial surgery share their experience. So, maybe, you are the next to be happy and beautiful?

Some non-medical aspects which are included into the filling and facial plastic surgery cost of each offer:

  • Accommodations and care staying (the duration of every case is individually planned and depends on the chosen offer)
  • Free 2nd medical opinion 
  • Booking services support 
  • Translation and legal services 
  • Airport special transfer

All the benefits are waiting for you in ADONIS Kyiv. 

Your ideal appearance of a dream is real now! Incredible offers and outstanding results from ADONIS Facial plastic surgery

Your transformation will be your first step towards a new life full of unexpected opportunities.