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How Are Shisha Pens Safer For Your Health Than Tobacco Cigarettes?

How Are Shisha Pens Safer For Your Health Than Tobacco Cigarettes?
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Are you someone who is new into the world of vaping? If you have been smoking for a very long time now and you’ve been told repeatedly told by your friends and family members how harmful tobacco smoking is for your health, you should immediately consider ditching smoking and taking to vaping. There are high quality e-cigarette kits or shisha pen juices which are waiting to satisfy your desire for smoking without causing much harm to your body.

So, if you wish to become successful with ditching the dreaded tobacco and the nicotine, this is something that you should definitely do for the New Year. Though there are several brands and other products to choose from but the major benefits of shisha pens are relatively the same. Here are few such ways in which shisha pens seem to be safer and healthier than tobacco cigarettes.

How Are Shisha Pens Safer For Your Health Than Tobacco Cigarettes?

#1: Shisha pens are portable

Given the fact that shisha pens are healthier than tobacco cigarettes, you may think that they must be some heavy device which needs to be carried with you wherever you go. But this is not the fact. The shisha pen is of the size of an ink pen and it looks pretty much similar to a cigar. You’ll be able to carry it inside your pocket or purse and also in a small bag. Due to this portable nature of this e-cigar, people find it extremely convenient.

#2: Doesn’t contain nicotine

In case you are interested in getting rid of the regular tobacco cigarettes, the best alternative is shisha pens as they don’t contain nicotine. Though there is no nicotine present, yet you will feel the hit in your throat which is the most interesting factor about smoking. Nicotine is the main addictive element and this is probably the ultimate reason why smokers are glued to their cigarettes and they keep coming back for more. However, with regards to e-cigarettes, you can still get the high feeling without having to feel addicted and also without any side-effect.

#3: Tobacco free and hence safer

Unlike tobacco cigarettes, there’s no tobacco in shisha pens. When you get rid of the conventional cigars, you actually get rid of the tobacco and the more than 7000 toxic chemicals which are known to cause cancer. Hence, if you’re planning to switch, make sure you switch to shisha pens in order to repair the harm caused to your health by tobacco cigarettes.

Therefore, if you’re wondering about the different ways in which shisha pens are better than tobacco cigarettes, keep in mind the above listed factors.