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How to Double Your Brain Power – Tips and Advice

How to Double Your Brain Power – Tips and Advice
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If you are looking to double your brain power then you need to know that a combination of mental exercise, a healthy diet and a general healthy lifestyle are extremely important in achieving this goal.

First of all, let’s start with how the brain is divided between the left and right cortex. Studies show that people predominantly using the right side of their brain are more creative, imaginative and have general artistic inclinations.

Those predominantly using the left side of their brain are better at logic, math, calculations and are generally good at linearity, analysis and patterns.

Taking all this into account, a way for you to double your brain power is simply figuring out which part you use more and training the other one. If you are a right brain person you should train the left side more by solving quizzes, puzzles and engaging and general math problems. If you are a left brain person you should train your right side through exercises and activities that should stimulate your creativity, like drawing or painting.

This way, no matter what part of the brain you use more, you will be able to bring the other one to an acceptable level as well and you will double your brain power.

Having finished with the tips section, now comes the advice part.

As any doctor will tell you, a healthy diet counts more than you could imagine. Not only for the general state of your body, but for the brain capacity as well. So, the better and healthy you eat, the better your brain will function. If you are on a junk food diet a change to healthy food should improve your brain capacity. Removing all those toxins and all that poison from your daily aliments will benefit all your organs, including your brain.

Not having to fight so hard against toxins, your body will be more relaxed and you will be able to think more clearly and the general brain activity will improve considerably.

Another good piece of advice to double your brain power is having a general healthy lifestyle. This means, except the healthy diet part, not having sleepless night, resting for at least eight hours each night and doing physical exercises. The better your body is, the better you are. If you respect all the tips and advices you should observe more details in your surrounding environment and you will be able to pay much more attention to what’s happening.

A well rested healthy body will help you, but it also needs help from you. A couch potato will never be able do think clearly because his brain is half drowned in his unhealthy lifestyle.

Coffee is another helpful boost for your brain function as it stimulates the central nervous system. However, coffee is a compromise. Don’t abuse it or it will backfire on you. This remedy is always best used only when needed or you will get addicted and that doesn’t serve the purpose.

A top shape brain is priceless and by having a healthy lifestyle you ensure that it will function properly and powerfully for decades.