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How to Stay Healthy during a Flight

How to Stay Healthy during a Flight
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We all love traveling, whether we go to a new exotic destination that we’ve dreamed about for years or simply coming back home to our parents for the holidays. Regardless of how much we love to be on a plane, flying is always a stress for our body and if we are not well-prepared, we can get much worse consequences than the regular jet lag. We’ve selected a few tips on how you can have a great time while on plane without compromising your health.

Drink enough water

When traveling, we usually tend to drink less water than our body needs and although the water intake is important per se, it is even more crucial during a long flight. The combination between the low air pressure and humidity level and the dehydration can be very harmful for your body, as it can make you more prone to infections. If you don’t feel like buying the extremely overpriced water that is sold on the airplane, you can get it in a store after you pass the security check.

Wear clothes made of natural fabrics

When flying, our skin tends to get more sensitive and irritable because of the dry air caused by the low pressure, so wearing clothes made of the right fabrics can be very helpful. Silk, cotton, and wool are at the top of the natural fabrics that you should consider wearing on board. For summertime, a lightweight silk shirt or a cotton dress will be perfect, while during the colder times a knit sweater will be the best option. Irish knit sweaters https://www.tarairishclothing.com/ are a wonderful option since they’re made of merino wool and don’t cause any irritations to the skin. Plus, an Irish sweater can also keep you warm if the temperature on the plane is too low.

Take walks

If you’re having a long flight and want to make sure that you stay active and don’t go numb, taking walks is crucial for your lower body and blood circulation. Now, we’re not saying that you should be like one of these kids who are running up and down the aisle, but something as simple as a walk to the bathroom can have great benefits for you. This will prevent your feet and legs from swelling and can even help you avoid getting a blood clot.

Eat the right food

Oftentimes the food on planes can be quite disappointing and you feel like your favorite steak that you usually love is now nothing more than a tasteless piece of meat. This happens because our taste buds don’t work in the air the same way that they do on the ground. Either way, if you have a short flight ahead and don’t plan on taking a meal in the sky, pack a few of your favorite healthy snacks to have something to munch on while on board. However, if you really need to eat, a friend of mine taught me a few years ago that the best way to get tasty food with a more nutritional value is to order the vegetarian or low-calorie meal, as they come with more vegetables and less unhealthy fats.