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Scientific Illustrations For Medical Purposes

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Gambar-Medical ilustrationOne of the areas that attract people’s attention for a long time in terms of visualization is “scientific illustration”. Scientific illustration is the use of illustrations to visually communicate information or knowledge, generally in the field of biology or medicine. Since the early 19th century, the use of illustrations for medical field been developed. Commence with the involvement of artists to create an illustration drawing representing a variety of anatomical systems (circulatory, nervous, urogenital), pathologies, or treatment methodologies.

Scientific illustration in general aim to produce illustrations that effectively describe certain information so that objects illustrating techniques must be accurate in terms of dimensions and proportions. Scientific illustration is more commonly found in textbooks of biology and medic, as a tool for the submission of knowledge in both areas.

The term “illustration” is used to indicate the techniques and methods used are illustrated illustration techniques as the field in general, ie by observing the object and draw it carefully.

For the era is now drawing can be done with digital tools such as vector graphics software such as Inkscape or Illustrator. Illustrator and now also become a legal profession, especially in the medical field. Said to be legal because a medical illustrator must have knowledge or have conducted training on techniques ekstensive medicine, science and art.

A medical illustrator must be a member of the AMI (Association of Medical Illustrators), an international organization established in 1945 in Illinois, US. Members of this association should have the ability to draw illustrations (artist) that creates a material designed for recording facilities and translation of knowledge medic and bioscientific through visual communication media. Significantly, medical illustrator must have the visualization capabilities of the subject-matter, and already recognized the ability to draw and color discrimination skills are smooth and detailed.

Medical Legal Illustrations provider company must have a team that is experienced in the field of medical illustration and all its members are master’s degree from an accredited program, should also have depth knowledge of anatomy. Equally important, is giving a complimentary consultation to get a medic illustrations as needed and as the case may include charts, graphs and other non-medic is still something to do. So the medical illustrations can be used appropriately to provide clear and accurate information for further medical treatment.