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I came throughout an unpretentious little booklet titled Close to nature, distant from dying”. Below the title : A personal experience in natural therapeutic as a approach to remedy cancer”. It is about an alternative cancer therapy. This various cancer therapy is named The Gerson Remedy”. The creator of this booklet is a Thai Buddhist monk by the title of Kittiyano Bhikkhu. He lives in Southern Thailand; to the south is Malaysia. It is just some hours’ drive north throughout the Thai/Malaysia border from where I dwell. This in a way introduced the monk’s message closer to me. So I began reading it. I shall provide the link to the PDF file for this booklet at the finish of this text.

Medical health insurance can save consumers tens of thousands of dollars on medical costs, especially in the event of accidents or catastrophic illness. Medical insurance allows individuals to remain updated on their medical care, catching illness processes or medical situations of their early stages, encouraging early prognosis and treatment choices in addition to extra constructive prognosis outcomes. Medical health insurance also helps to cowl the price of medicines, prescribed drugs, treatments and therapies not limited to these associated with high cholesterol, diabetes, weight problems, high blood pressure, and more.

Lemon juice is something that may be found anywhere and has been proven to be efficient for some in battling acne. When utilizing lemon juice as one of many acne natural remedies go for fresh lemons and squeeze them yourself. Apply the contemporary juice to any blemishes. The acid within the juice will help dry the pimple more shortly and you will have a clearer complexion very quickly in any respect.

Sensing his actual concern, all the struggle left me as I put my arm around him while he cried. …

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