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The Bible states: By the sweat of your forehead, you will eat your bread”. It doesn’t state that you will eat in pain, and that you’ll speak in discomfort. The two pleasures – chatting and chewing at a dinner-party – have been stolen from me. The software-of-my-trade (my mouth) is broken. A lecturer with a damaged mouth, is as useless as a prostitute without a mattress!

One factor that should not have occurred is that this turning violent. I perceive in the event that they wanted to show their backs on him, and even stroll out, but to rush the stage, and to have the protest flip violent is prison. It does state that a scholar was kicked within the head, however does not state if it was a protestor or supporter. Regardless of which it ought to never have occurred.

These programmes were performed either on web site at Palestinian services, or in Israel’s hospitals and medical schools, the place medical doctors, nurses, midwives, medical technicians and many …