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Tips for an MRI Scan Before, During and After the Process

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Pixabay.comIt is scary to get an MRI or a Magnetic Resonance Imaging scan. You know that it helps in diagnosing illnesses, but the idea of being placed inside a tunnel-like device while you are alone could scare you to death. Add to that the fact that you have a health scare waiting to be known. This is why a lot of people who are recommended to get an MRI decline and would rather have other options. Other people are not allowed inside the room to avoid contamination and affecting the result. You need to be fully prepared if you have no choice but to do the scan.

Before the MRI

You need to be physically conditioned for it. Try to set your mind to the idea that you will get the scan. You should start doing things on your own. Go to places with confined spaces. Challenge yourself in advance so that the actual test will be a walk in the park.

You are allowed to eat and drink unless the part to be tested has something to do with digestion. You are not allowed to drink alcoholic beverages though. Also, if it is really close to the actual scan, eating and drinking might be prohibited.

During the MRI scan

Once the day has finally arrived, you just have to be relaxed and be optimistic. Do all the essentials first like signing a form and completing a safety questionnaire. Be honest in writing the details especially if you are pregnant or have a metallic implant in your body.

After doing those things, you will be asked to undress and wear only your underwear and a hospital gown. Women who wear a bra with underwire should also remove it. Hairclips, jewellery and other metallic accessories have to be removed.

There are also some scans requiring a dye which serves as the contrast medium. It might be injected into you so that the images are clearer and more detailed. You may also be asked to have a blood test prior to the scan especially if you have diabetes or heart issues. You won’t have the dye injected for these cases.

After the scan

The scan takes just a few minutes. Don’t panic. Just relax and clear your thoughts. In no time, you will be out of that tunnel and can go ahead with your life as usual. Just wait for the results. Listen intently to what your doctor has to say. If you are diagnosed with something serious at an early stage, don’t freak out. Be thankful that it was discovered early, and you decided to take the scan to detect it. Take a good rest and be willing to undergo medication.

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