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Denied Health Insurance – Why Was I Denied for Health Insurance?

Denied Health Insurance – Why Was I Denied for Health Insurance?
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Denied Health Insurance - Why Was I Denied for Health Insurance?

Have you recently applied for coverage but been denied health insurance? This is becoming a common issue with people nowadays as most people do not understand how they could possibly be denied medical coverage at all. Everyone needs health insurance, right? Thus shouldn’t everyone be given a chance to get a policy? Sadly, this is not always the case. Here we will look over some of the reasons you may have been turned down for the coverage you need, and how you may look at overcoming the disappointment.

Denied health insurance

Unfortunately, a lot of companies have denied health insurance for people because they have pre-existing medical conditions that indicate the need for the coverage to actually be used. Insurance companies make money from people paying premiums that they never have to use in medical expenses. When a person has a pre-existing condition like cancer or asthma, an insurance company does not want to take on the burden of having to cover inevitable medical expenses. This is obviously bad for you, the patient because if you have a pre-existing condition, you need medical insurance more than anyone else. Getting the coverage you need can be the best challenge, but it is possible.

The insurance company

If you are denied health insurance, you can ask the insurance company if you can pay a higher monthly premium to get protection. That way you contribute more to your bills, and insurance companies still have the opportunity to make money. This will depend on the conditions you face. Pre-existing conditions will change the definition with each company, so you may be denied coverage by one company but approved for another. Therefore, it is important to never lose hope and continue to apply until you find someone who will work with you.

Medical Programs funded by government

The government can also step in and help when you are denied health insurance. There are medical programs funded by the government that is intended to help people who struggle to get their own protection. These may require more money, but they can also be more affordable. It just depends on what program you qualify for. Do previous research to get a quote with a different insurance company that is actually willing to help pay for your expenses. With the right perseverance, you must find the right team of people to keep you safe and protected.

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