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How to Enlarge Your Penis

How to Enlarge Your Penis
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Penis enlargement is also known as male enhancement? When a human is trying to increase the size of their penis this is the proper definition for penis enlargement or male enhancement. There are three different areas of the penis that people are looking to increase, and they are in length, girth, and shaft size. Most men who perform male enhancement have normal sized penises, but it is a mental Factor that makes them think that they are inadequate. the name of this mental disorder or low self-esteem disorder is called dysmorphophobia. 

How to Enlarge Your Penis

Procedures That Enlarge the Penis

There are five different penis enlargement techniques that are currently used. These techniques are surgery, vitamins, ointments, pumps, and patches. The surgical treatment for male enhancement is performed in two different procedures and they are penile augmentation and suspensory ligament release.

Penile augmentation is when fat cells are either grafted or ejected into the penis. This procedure can be effective, but it may only be temporary that the penis has an increase in size. The two main serious adverse effects that are associated with penile augmentation are the penis may become swollen and look deformed. If the treatment goes severely wrong this procedure could lead to the penis begin removed.

Suspensory ligament release treatment only increases the penis in length when it is not erect but when the penis is erect it does not increase in length. A serious adverse effect that is associated with a suspensory ligament release treatment is that this treatment can potentially cause erection problems.

Is Male Enhancement Needed or A Figment of a Man’s Imagination

There are many different types of penis enlargement advertising all over the internet and on television. The question that everyone wants to know is do these products really work. There is no proven science and that these products work, or they do not work. The only true penis enlargement method that does work is moderately is the surgical procedures. Even surgical methods do not give a one hundred percent guarantee that they will work properly. Practitioners throughout the healthcare industry do not recommend that a man get a penis enhancement just for cosmetic reasons. If a man is considering getting some form of male enhancement, they should do a thorough research and counsel with a physician before making this decision. Men should actually know what an abnormally small penis really looks like. It is defined as a penis that is less than 3 in long. Having a bigger penis is just a part of the normal male psyche and really is a self-esteem issue. Men should know that there is no regulated size that is needed to satisfy your partner sexually. 

Most importantly men should know that if a woman loves you, she doesn’t care about the size of your penis. She is not marrying you because your penis is large or small. If this is the case, you don’t need this type of woman in your life anyway. Do not get caught up with the fancy commercials that play on your self-esteem. Be confident and happy with the penis that God gave you.