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Stretching Is Important Before and After a Workout

Stretching Is Important Before and After a Workout
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Exercising combined with a healthy diet and monitored care from a physician are some of the best things that you can do for yourself. A healthy life style will not only help you achieve more goals, but it will also make you feel more rounded both mentally and physically. Every time you set a new physical goal for yourself you will feel accomplished and proud of yourself when you meet or surpass that goal.

Exercising is an exhilarating way to keep your body in top shape and keep the blood circulating through your system. There are many types of exercises that you can do that will help you maintain a healthy self. Some of the most traditional exercises include jogging, bike riding, lifting weights and walking up stairs. Many people also find fun ways to exercise such as aerobics, Zumba, cycling classes, yoga, Pilates, roller skating and swimming.

No matter what type of exercise routine you decide to incorporate into your life you should consider stretching beforehand. You cannot just throw pasta noodles into cold water and expect them to become a delicious meal. The same is true for exercise. You cannot just stand up from a chair all day and start running. You need to warm your muscles up a bit. This will get the muscles ready for the activity they are about to be put through. You should do basic stretches before yoga and Pilates classes as well. If you go into a class already loosened up and refreshed you will be able to push your body a bit further and possibly conquer new poses and learn new techniques. You can check out Wikipedia to learn more about stretches or check out http://stretchcoach.com/.

There are many books and online tutorials about stretching. These will educate you on the best types of stretches to do before particular types of work out routines. You can also ask your physician about stretches he or she recommends. Many chiropractors and massage therapists will also refer to their muscular chart and show you which areas to work prior to working other areas on your body. Another wonderful asset to utilize is a personal trainer from your gym or your instructor for your work out activities. Both have earned certificates to coach others on fitness and exercise. Both types of professionals will be able to guide you in the proper types of stretches to perform before your workout routine.

It is also imperative that you do a cool down stretching session after you have worked out. You cannot just stop working out and go on about your day. You have just increased your heart rate and worked yourself up quite a bit. Your muscles may be burning from your work out. This is an ideal time to learn some calming stretches that will help relax your muscles and stabilize your breathing and your heart rate. Some of the best techniques to incorporate into this part of your work out are yoga stretches. If you are already in yoga or Pilate’s class your instructor most likely has you doing calming breaths and cool down stretches. Knowing what type of stretches to perform before and after your work out is key to making the most out of your fitness time.