Are Allergies Linked To Genetically Engineered Foods?

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I feel, at this level, no matter has been cobbled-up by the South African Constitutional scholars, and in it, the British Regulation has been adopted, and even the Parliamentary system(Short of white Wigs and Black gowns to cap all of it), that, to be dabbling with trying to imposed faith on the legal guidelines of the nation is pining for an very explosive and devastating battle.

Socialism in its easiest definition is when industry and resources are owned and controlled by the state or a collective of the folks, for the theoretical good of all versus being for the advantage of just a few. In a socialist society, there is no personal property, or solely a very limited possession, and an egalitarian approach to goods, earnings and entry to sources.

It seems to be the consensus of pundits and policymakers that the solution to the issue of rising healthcare prices is just to mandate that everyone be insured. This is like saying that the answer to the threat of lawsuits is to require everybody to maintain a lawyer on retainer. Or the answer to the threat of armed theft is to require everybody to hold a firearm at all times in public. Briefly, if there’s going to be an arms race, everybody should be armed. The large winners, clearly, will be those that make and promote arms – in this case, the insurers.

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