Environmental Components

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The stomach issues are again and I’ve a migraine. Yeah, I do know I ought to look for another job..however my age and the job marketplace for what I am skilled for depart little on the market proper now. Trust me, I’ve appeared. If I might sue my co-employee, I’m on the point that I might do it in a heartbeat. His bullying and intimidation should not be allowed from a authorized standpoint.

Our group had to go to the Water High quality Association web site and click on on diagnose your consuming water. Jordanne requested us to select two contaminants which can be either in our water or which are fascinating to us. From the two contaminants that we picked we then needed to note the source of the contaminant, the consequences it has on our water, and the treatment choices which might be on the market.

I think we just filed a civil rights grievance three weeks ago in North Carolina saying that the state violated the Civil Rights Act by not defending the neighboring communities from these types of activities. We’re conscious that it is an enormous downside, and so far as I can tell, there isn’t a regulation, actually no federal regulation on that type of spraying. Or they call it, re-use. But there isn’t any regulation that we’re aware of. Hopefully with the advocacy and partnering with different communities there will likely be one. I think that’s the hope.

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